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Which model to choose?

The Z2 is the ideal city electric bike for overcoming any congestion or other everyday obstacles. Also off-road, this model will not leave you indifferent. The engine has three speed modes, so you can choose whether you want to play sports or enjoy the images of the trip without much effort to mention.
Z3 model - if you are an adrenaline fanatic and like new experiences, this model is for you. The Z3 is designed for off-road driving, not legal on city roads. There are no pedals in this model, so we equate it to an ultra-light electric motorcycle.

How are the models different?

The Z2 model is legal on the streets, has pedals.
Z3 model - illegal on the streets, has footsteps.

Are there different frame sizes?

Models are available in one XL size. But we can adapt to the person by changing the size of the wheels, the protrusion of the steering wheel and the position of the seat.

Why such a high price?

The price is competitive and favorable for you according to the competitors who can offer bicycles with such or similar parameters. The battery capacity is 50% higher than a normal electric bike. We use only high-quality and well-known bicycle components on the market. For the price of this bike, you get quality, warranty and high-class components that will be durable and allow you to enjoy your bike during use.

Can you complete the bike according to my needs?

Yes, we can assemble the bike with the components you want. We can also offer the color of the bike frame as you want for an additional fee.

How to maintain a bicycle?

Never leave the bicycle battery discharged. At sub-zero temperatures, the bicycle battery must be charged to 70% of its capacity. Lubricate the bike chain after 100-200 kilometers. Take into account the wear of the stars and brake pads. Have the shock absorbers inspected once a year.

How do I know when a bike has loaded?

Turn on the bike control screen, in the top right corner, at the top, you will see what percentage of the bike is loaded.

Is it possible to wash the bike?

It is possible, but do not wash the bike with a high-pressure jet, you may damage the components of the bike. We recommend cleaning the bike with a cloth and washing it only under running water.

Is it possible to replace the battery or increase its capacity?

Yes, the battery can be replaced with a new one after its service life. If you want a larger battery before the old one has reached the end of its service life, you will need to produce a new one.

What guarantees are provided?

We provide a 2-year warranty for the bicycle frame, 2-year engine, 6-month electronics.

What is the battery life?

500 cycles (500 charges), then the battery capacity starts to drop slightly. In total, the battery can withstand 1000 cycles (1000 charges). We recommend using an unavailable charger to maintain battery life.

Is the bike water resistant?

Yes, the bike is suitable for all weather conditions. The battery is sealed, so even if water enters the frame of the bike, it escapes through specially adapted openings.

Where can I come and see the models?

We do not have our own store, we make everything to order. To test the models, call the specified phone number +37068520105

When to pay for the product?

Payment is due after order confirmation.

How long does it take to place a bike after placing an order?

2-3 months.
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